Complementary to any care you are already receiving, sessions are tailored to each client’s requirements and focus on balancing the major muscles, energy centers, and structural alignment. Sessions last 1 – 1.5 hours and require the client to sit, stand, or more preferably, to lay fully clothed on a comfortable massage table. The goal is always towards removing energetic blockages to vibrant health. Simple, safe, non-invasive, effective, and powerful techniques are what Specialized Kinesiology is all about. If individualized treatment is what you are looking for, then Denise’s treatments are for you. No two sessions are ever alike, as you discover how your body can talk! Check out the descriptions of modalities Denise practices.

Workshops Offered

Denise is an Internationally Certified Instructor of Touch For Health, and follows proven teaching methods which are consistent and recognized internationally. Whether students take the full 4-workshop series of Touch for Health, mini-workshops based on Touch for Health techniques, or a workshop of Denise’s own design, students get to read, watch and practice everything at least once! All classes are fun, and information packed. Students always leave with hands-on knowledge, a workshop manual and lots of ideas. Denise also provides her students with ‘Exchange Days’ where they can come and practice their new knowledge with each other and refine their technique under her guidance.

In addition, Denise is also certified to teach additional kinesiology-related workshops. Please see workshops for more info.

What Happens During a Session?

Clients are asked what areas of their life could benefit from reduced stress. Sessions often include ‘Balancing with a goal’ to bring the client in harmony with achieving those goals.

During a typical session, numerous muscles are checked by isolating particular muscles from the groups they normally work within. When gentle pressure is applied some muscles will show weakness. Perhaps reflex points will be touched to determine where stress is hiding. Corrections using gentle acupressure, holding points, or muscular release work eliminates energy blockages and strengthens these muscles, and allows healing energy to be released to further the healing process for a period of weeks following a treatment.

Generally, the most effective and most common practice is to continually communicate with the body that the priority imbalances are to be addressed. This practice has been found to clear multiple other imbalances, thus speeding the session along and reducing the number of treatments required. When the body leads the practitioner to the priority corrections, amazing changes often occur quickly.

Many subtle imbalances throughout the body can be found and corrected.

Prepare for a “Whole Person” approach!

Need Help With Nutrition?

Using muscle-testing, it is possible to determine if your body likes all those expensive supplements you may be trying to give it.

Sometimes clients discover they do not benefit from all their vitamins, and get better results when they ask their body which types and amounts of supplements they require.

Systematic scanning of reflex points, or areas of chronic injury or imbalance, is performed and nutrition specific to that individual is suggested. Many chronic imbalances disappear when using correct nutrition. You will witness how specific nutrition will strengthen your muscles and you will definitely be involved in the experience.

Suffering from Allergies?

Allergies do not always show up as a rash or a sniffly nose. If you don’t feel optimum energy, you may have undiscovered allergies. Determining what substances affect you can help you feel much better. Denise has numerous testing samples that represent thousands of substances. From fruit to nuts, from dust to formaldehyde, energy imbalances when exposed to specific substances can appear to behave like allergies or ‘low-tolerance’. The good news is that most of these can be cleared permanently after one or a couple of treatments. This is what lead Denise to explore kinesiology techniques beyond Touch for Health for herself and family members, and she can attest the effectiveness of these techniques personally.


Trained in Touch for Health, Professional Kinesiology Practitioner, Applied Physiology, Body Management, and Nutritional Kinesiology,Neuro-Energetic Kinesiology, Kinergetics, and Stress Indicator Point System. Denise is also the first Certified BodyTalk Practitioner in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Inaddition, she has studied Anatomy and Physiology as well as Applied Nutrition.

Denise is an Certified Instructor and Practitioner Member of the CanadianAssociation of Specialized Kinesiology (CanASK), which is an affiliated organization under the umbrella of the International Kinesiology College of Queesnland, Australia. Denise is also a Certified Practitioner Member of the International BodyTalk Association.

Key Benefits

  • Preventative Health Maintenance
  • Stress Management
  • Allergy Testing and Desensitization
  • Individualized Nutritional Counselling
  • Speeded Healing
  • Chronic Pain Management
  • Neurological Condition Improvements


The alternative methods presented in this website are not intended to claim a cure for any health problem. They are not an attempt to keep anyone from doctors, prescription drugs, surgery, or anything in fact, that a client should consider to maintain or regain their health. Clients of this practitioner consistently report feeling better after these interesting sessions and enjoy learning about themselves. Touch for Health and the branches of Specialized Kinesiology which have developed from Touch for Health have roots in chiropractic research dating back 35 years, and even deeper roots in Chinese Energy Theory from several thousands of years ago. Isn’t it time for you to discover and experience some sessions yourself?

Contact Information

Telephone: (604) 936-5463 – 9am to 5pm Pacific Standard Time
Postal address : 483 Glenholme Street, Coquitlam, BC, V3K 5E1 Canada