The Top Ten Pain Releasers – Self Help Techniques for Relieving Stress and Pain – 3 DVD Set


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By Arlene Green

3 DVD set includes:
1. Auricular Massage for tight neck muscles.
2. Hydration – its importance and how to check for it.
3. Release Muscle Cramps in 5 seconds or less.
4. Stress and Pain Relief through Music.
5. Meridian Massage for overall health.
6. Specific Neuromuscular Reset for chronic and acute muscle injuries.
7. Energy Stroking for pain relief.
8. Neurolymphatic Massage for energy and muscle relaxation.
9. Neurovascular Balance for emotional stress relief.
10.Brazilian Toe Massage for deep relaxation, insomnia and nausea.

Also includes the “Basics of Quality Muscle Testing”.

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