Other Workshops

Classes are run on a regular basis, please contact Denise and ask to be placed on a waiting list if there are no currently listed classes on the schedule.


Other Workshops

Creating Career Excellence

Using basic muscle-monitoring skills, you will explore fourteen areas relating to career excellence. You will find which statements used by successful people are not in harmony with your energy!

How are your hidden stress levels relating to Organization, Discipline, Communication,Decision Making, Control, Personal Power, and Responsibility, as an example?Learn simple exercises to clear discovered stressors held within your neurologicalcircuits. Examine your values and develop goals which are in harmony with your energies! Participants often report wonderful opportunities seem to appear shortlyafter experiencing this workshop!

Brain Formatting

Using Touch for Health skills, you will add leading-edge kinesiological format techniques (very simple to perform for very profound results) to locate stresson various neurological structures such as the cerebrum, the cerebellum, thecortex, the diencephalon, the medulla oblongata, the limbic system, the midbrain,the pons, the spinal cord, the heart/brain, and the enteric nervous system (around the digestive tract).

Expect to significantly assist persons with imbalances in equilibrium, coordination,sight, hearing, taste, smell, sleep rhythms, cravings, compulsive behaviour,digestion, academic and artistic difficulties, and more!

Kinesiology for Kids

Kids, bring an adult along and find out how to check their muscles for things that stress them out.  They won’t believe it until they feel their muscles lock or unlock with your help.Check for using two sides of their body at the same time (like walking), and looking at words and numbers. It’s fun to find out if listening, reading aloud, or speaking can switch off their brains too! They’ll be grateful after you’ve helped them release stresses they never knew they had. Everybody in class learns things that help them get along in life a little more easily. You get a cool workshop manual so you can keep exploring at home after the class.

Chakra Sound Essences

Taking the time to learn a basic muscle test, and finding the locations of the 7 major chakras can make a profound difference in your peace of mind and well-being.

A beautiful workshop manual includes a tremendous amount of reference material and is provided with the course. The essences however, are not included in the cost of the class because each person is drawn to different ones. Choose between various sprays, oils or sublingual drops. Internationally reknown, safe, and really fun to use – the sound essences are a gift in Denise’s life that she would love to share with you. This workshop is just plain fun as participants always find innovative ways to apply the chakra sound essences!

Food and Supplement Testing

Learn how to set up a good, clear muscle test that you can rely on to check yourself or others for sensitivities to foods or supplements.Information on food combining and digestion, making choices for supplements, foods for your good health and foods that are pro-immunity or anti-immunity. Keep your life energy high by avoiding those things that cause your muscles to unlock!  Take home booklet provided.

Note: Whether you already know how to muscle test, have already taken Touch for Health, or are starting at Square One, you will learn and appreciate much more sensitive testing techniques than are covered in TFH.

Flower Essences and Kinesiology

Flower essences are a popular self-help tool used by many knowledgeable persons. However, there is a bewildering selection to be had. How can you know which one(s) your body would like without having to spend weeks learning about each essence and hopefully choosing the right one(s) to support your healing?

The answer is in muscle-testing. In this workshop you will learn to put an issue, be it emotional or otherwise, on-line and find out which essence (or essences) will reverse an unlocking muscle and help bring harmony to your fellow students, in the subtle, non-invasive way which vibrational remedies make possible. Now you will be able to take this knowledge home and help your friends and family. Whether your friends are two-or-four legged makes no difference.

Essences explored during this hands-on workshop are the Bach Essences, as well as Australian Bush Essences and Desert Alchemy Essences. Each student will take home a personalized remedy bottle at the end of class. If a student has access to other essences, they are welcome to bring them to class to learn with their own set.

If you are interested in the world of vibrational remedies such as flower essences, sound, and homeopathy, Denise highly recommends the book by Richard Gerber: ‘Vibrational Medicine’.

Pets and Kinesiology

You’ll learn how to surrogate muscle test your furry friends.  Check if homeopathic tissue salts, flower essences, or a change in diet will contribute to optimum health. You will learn to check if your pet has food sensitivities. Please don’t bring pets to this class, you will be practicing the techniques using classmates instead of your pet.Students are highly encouraged to all bring labeled samples of pet foods to class for sensitivity testing. Reference information for home is included.

Perceptive Vision

Learn nutritional and environmental support. Did you know that stress, lighting, and color affects vision? Use muscle testing for identifying your visual inhibition pattern(s) and to release stress from a known muscle that sends subtle energy to the eyes. Apply techniques to improve eye-to- brain communication. Eye exercises for home support. Students with prior kinesiology training receive valuable tid-bits of information. Take home booklet included.

Stress Release Made Easy

In this class, you will learn to identify specific things that cause you stress, and easy correction techniques to bring you back to balance. Also included: emotional balancing using ‘specific-to-you’ affirmations. Many other approaches to managing stress such as breathing, exercise, nutrition, humour and long term strategies. Great manual for reference.This is a terrific workshop for any company to provide to their workers, or for life-partners to take together.

Tibetan Energy

You will learn a basic muscle test and a simple procedure to balance energy centers – otherwise known as chakras. Discover a special technique that really helps injuries repair more quickly, and is very effective at reducing pain and calming the spirit. Learn and practice five special exercises based on ancient knowledge from Tibet that helps one maintain a youthful vitality when performed regularly. Workshop manual included.