AkuRy Info Chips

A quality product from Germany endorsed by Dr. Charles Krebs. He utilizes several of these chips in his practice to speed his LEAP Brain Integration and Environmental Factors protocols. These information chips are able to instantly decompensate numerous levels of stress to allow a practitioner to more quickly provide deep balancing. Many therapists, physicians and alternative practitioners use a complete set of chips for rapid assessment and to assist in treatment. Additionally, the chips have a supportive effect and many users either sell chips to their clients or provide them for a rental fee to be utilized to support the results of a therapy session.


The creator of the chip states: “The chips act only by activation (10-15 seconds in your hand or place it on a specific place on the body intuitively). The operation of the chips is similar to a CD. If you simply look at a CD, you cannot see anything however there is information stored on it. Only once installed into a player does this information become audible or visible. In our case, the player is our body. The chips operate on the principle of resonance – our body only processes the frequencies it needs. Overcharging will not occur.

Each therapist develops his own method to activate the chip or to stabilize the client’s body with the chip. This stability continues over weeks or even months.


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There are over 50 chips to choose from:

For Physical Regeneration

Jaws and Teeth Regeneration
Kinetic System in Balance
Lymphatic System
Mild and Gentle for Throat and Neck
Nerves, Hormones Neurotransmitter
Normal Weight
Optimal Metabolism
Optimal Skin Function
Resistant (Allergy)
Strong Immune System Regeneration
AUA (Alleviate physical/psychological wounds)


For Elimination

Excretion (heavy metals and environmental toxins)
Toxins (internally generated and ingested)
Cell Purification Process
Mitochondria Regulation
Optimal Cell Hydration


For Psyche

Ancestral Force (recognize power of our ancestors and develop it positively)
Austausch  (promotes connection to self and others)
Back to Life (after serious illness or traumatic event)
Basic Trust (includes motherly love, peaceful acceptance, warmness of heart, sense of being desireable and welcome)
Follow Your Intuitive Flair
Keep Cool
Life Purpose and Path
Natural Power (recognize and use positive forces in nature)
Positive Thinking
Rid of Addiction
Self-Esteem, Self Respect, Self-Confidence
Fearless (caution – to be utilized only by experienced therapists. To recognize cause of anxiety and overcome it)

For Balance, Calmness

Catalyst (activate, regulate, harmonize chakras and balance polarities. Commonly used with other chips)
Completion (harmonize all bodies and functions to work perfectly with each other)
Fast Adaptability (adapt to the surrounding environment)
Five Elements Harmonization
Life Energy Activator (cellular environment, hormone axis, organ functions, glandular functions, brain and nerve functions are optimized)
Optimal Performance (more vim and vigour)
Rapid Acclimatization (ie: sensitivity to weather changes, cold or heat sensitivity)
Recharge the Body’s Batteries (especially for the subtle bodies)
See Clarity (refines vision on the mental level. Supports clarity in recognition and visualization)
Sense Harmonization (support all senses including 6th and 7th)
Therapist Chip (Neutrality, protection from negative influences and external energies)

Keep Healthy
NEU (Neutral Observer)


For Nervous System

Attention, Mindfullness, Alertness
Deep Restful Sleep
Healthy Rhythm
Oxytocin Pattern
Oxygen Balance
Thinking Advantag
Neurotransmitters (Set Sold Together for Best Price, or individually at regular price)
Nerves, Hormones, Neurotransmitters
Phenetyhylamine (PEA)