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Denise Cambiotti and Carol Canright are pleased to announce that the sale/purchase of the bookstore has been completed, and it’s inventory has been packed up and shipped south.

From Denise:

Dear patrons,
I wish to thank you all for your orders over the years and to let you know that life is taking me along a new exciting path. We are all fortunate that Carol Canright (one of my favourite colleagues because of her awesome kinesiology skills and reliability) enquired about starting up her own kinesiology supply website in the USA. This became a great opportunity to transition gracefully so that you can continue to be supported in your quest for specialty kinesiology related materials. Please join me in appreciating Carol for maintaining an internationally sourced inventory of useful books, charts, manuals and more, which support us in continued learning. These materials help us grow in our modalities so that we may share our knowledge with friends, family, and clients. If you haven’t checked out the array of materials available recently, I encourage you to view the refreshed site which continues to be hosted at:
Be sure to connect with Carol if you’re searching for something just perfect for your next read. She can be reached via the same email:
I’m continuing distribution of the Frequency Chips (some people call these “Charles Krebs’ chips” because he inspired their development), and Sound Essence products.
In case you’d like to stay in touch, you can reach me at:
Kindest regards and continued success to you all,

– Denise Cambiotti

From Carol:

Welcome! It’s been a busy month getting ready to officially open today – overhauling the website, finding distributors, opening boxes of books, setting up contracts, doing all the things it takes to start a small business – but it is done. Now I will have time to look at or read all the lovely new books that I haven’t had time to touch. I look forward to providing you with the same great service that Denise provided. My goal is to expand the offerings beyond books, charts, and Sound Essences. With that, I would like to ask for your input for additions for the store. I have my own ideas but would like to hear from you. Please check back regularly to see the latest additions to the inventory.
Thank you,
Carol Canright